When Design is Compromised Image is Tarnished

Origin Story

Since 2007

Founded of humble beginnings in Downtown Sylvester, Georgia in the year of our Lord 2007. The space was a two room office on the second floor of the historic bank building. Also upstairs was a recording studio and a room where music lessons were taught – mainly guitar. The view from the one large window consisted of railroad tracks to the left and a small line of downtown shops to the right.

Offices were eventually moved to Downtown Albany, Georgia in 2013.

Present Day

Most work is done remotely these days (since at least 2020). Of course clients are still visited in person and lunches are still had whenever possible.

Core Values

J. Howard operates on traditional business values and ethics. Your word and your work is your reputation. If you compromise on either, your success will suffer

Our Community

Community support is important and J. Howard regularly contributes to churches, county athletic boosters and other causes.

"Your image is my business."
J. Howard